Mass production and off-the-rack is so last season. The time has come for the fashion of the future: style that is personalized for your taste, lifestyle & budget. We design and sew garments you love that fit your body perfectly. Custom-designed made-to-order clothing is the answer to reducing the impact of the fashion industry on the environment and creating a sustainable future.

COUTURME brings the future of fashion to you today: high fashion, exceptional quality, a perfect fit and flattering style within your budget. Everything is made to order and custom designed to your taste, preferences, and exact measurements.

There’s a lot of custom made clothing and personalized style, so what makes COUTURME different? Powered by Tailornova (our patent-pending fashion design software), COUTURME is able to custom design clothing with extraordinary ease and velocity, unheard of before in the fashion industry. Tailornova is the revolutionary design software to automate fashion design, reducing design costs exponentially and design time by 80 times. Bespoke couture fashion used to cost thousands of dollars due to the complexity of the process.

Professionally tailored, fast to market, custom designs are now affordable and accessible to everyone. We design everything to your specific style taste and measurements. No two garments are exactly alike. Nothing else will fit you so well. Nothing else will match your desire so perfectly. We give you EXACTLY what you desire, made on-demand. Minimal waste, minimal costs, minimal effort to maximize joy and satisfaction.

Founded by the four-time award-winning designer, Yuliya Raquel, COUTURME is positioned to change the world of fashion.